what i wore to: coachella

Last weekend, just like every year in April, I found myself in the California desert for the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Although this year lacked any performances by ghosts, there were still some really great bands to see. Actually seeing The Postal Service and Vampire Weekend live made College-Sona’s dreams come true, fan girl freak-outs were involved, past me is so jealous of me right now. The XX was amazing, RHCP can never do any wrong, Purity Ring was my new found favorite, and Major Lazer was the most fun I’ve had jumping around to music.

But while Coachella is  a music festival, you wouldn’t know it by reading about it. Most of the coverage of the festival completely ignores the performances, even the random R-Kelly/Phoenix mashup (seriously, why did that even happen?), instead they all focus on one thing: THE FASHION. Unlike most of the other music festivals I’ve been to, what you wear to Coachella is almost as important as who you see. Some websites are even calling it “hipster fashion week”, a hilarious yet pretty accurate description. Maybe it’s because it’s in SoCal, maybe it’s because it’s the biggest, or maybe it’s because Lindsey Lohan schedules her rehab around it… I don’t know what it is but the fashion seen at Coachella sets the tone for upcoming summer trends.

This year the major trends seen at Coachella included: 90s inspired outfits, one piece bathing suits with combat boots (seriously, why?!!), large floral crowns, and jorts… soooo many jorts! I attended the festival with two of my friends Franchesca and Maggie (both of whom are buyers for a prominent fashion e-commerce site), and this is what we wore:


coachella_fashion_outfit_day1Our outfits on the first day had a 90s vibe with feminine dresses with boots, boat hats,  crop tops, and dark lipstick.


coachella_fashion_outfit_day2For day two I went with a 50s inspired pin-up look, Franchesca was classic Palm Springs with a vintage red sun hat, and Maggie went with a fun rainbow-tie-die print dress.


coachella_fashion_outfit_day3 On the last day Franchesca was a kitty (seriously, her top had a tail, meow), I went with a ridiculously large floral crown, and Maggie embraced the must-have Coachella 2013 trend: Jorts!