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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Mad Men season 6 premiers tonight! The wait has been excruciatingly long! In an effort to satisfy my Mad Men cravings I started watching the entire show from the beginning…for the third time… did I mention I love this show? When watching all the episodes back to back didn’t give me the Man Men buzz I was looking for, I turned to my other addiction to satisfy the craving…… shopping!

One of my favorite things about the snow is the fashion. It’s so true to the time period but still manages to look chic and not dated. The stylist does a great job defining each character’s personality through the outfits they wear. I decided to add a piece from each character’s wardrobe into my own closet.

Betty Draper Francis


Before she was Fat Mrs Francis, Betty draper was the perfect 50s bored housewife. When she wasn’t shooting her neighbor’s pigeons in a nightgown while balancing a cigarette in her mouth, she was getting dressed up in the cutest outfits just to lounge around the house.


I mean really, anyone who puts that much effort into looking pretty around the house deserves major props. If I’m not leaving the house, most of the time I don’t even put on pants!  More evidence of Betty’s awesomeness can be found here.

For my Betty look I went with a nautical print dress from Mod Cloth. I can picture Betty wearing this dress on a weekend outing with Don and the kids (again, in her pre-fat-mrs-francis days).


Peggy Olson


Peggy has had the biggest transformation throughout the show by far. She went from the new secretary with the awkward bangs from Brooklyn to a bad ass copy writer with awkward dance moves.


Peggy’s new style is every bit kick ass career girl. Everything from her don’t-mess-with-me blouses to her Jackie-O hats. Who knew little Peggy would go from Peggy Olson: the new girl


To Peggy Olson: the day drinking, pot smoking badass who has casual movie theater hook ups with strangers in the middle of the afternoon.


And seriously, she was the only person who ever got any work done at SCDP. Good luck at the new job Pegs! We know you’ll kick ass.


In honor of Peggy’s awesomely awkward dance moves, I went with a yellow Betty Page dress similar to the one she wears to Don’s birthday party. Let the awkward dancing commence!


Joan Harris


Joan just oozes pure sex. Her wardrobe is all about form fitting silhouettes, she wouldn’t be caught dead in an A-line skirt! And with curves like that, why would she!



Good question pervy Japanese guy!

In season five, Joan has been wearing a lot of dresses with three quarter sleeves and messy prints,  very similar to this Asos dress.


I love Joan’s style so much, that I couldn’t stop at just one dress! Joan also has a thing for pins, which are a great way to accessorize otherwise plain dresses. The dress below is from Zara, the pin is a flea market find from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.


Megan Draper


Megan’s style is more 60s Mod than 50s classic. Her hem lines are shorter, she wears a lot of black and white, and boxier cuts. Personally, I find the new Mrs Draper annoying, but she does know how to get her way when it comes to Don, so good for you Megs! Looks like Don might be over it though, so we’ll see where Megan and her teeth go in the next season.


My Megan dress, also from Mod Cloth, was inspired by the one she wore in the last episode of season five. Black and white, with a short hemline and a boxy cut (as boxy as things can get on me).


I’m so excited to wear all my Mad Men inspired dresses this summer! And more importantly for season 6 of Mad Men!! But remember….

tumblr_m54l8qchnv1qbbnp7o1_500Soooooo I’ll get back to looking for more 50s/60s inspired dresses now… In the mean time, enjoy my favorite Tumblr of the moment: Mean Mad Men, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s hilarious!